05.08.2015 12:08

I. Metshin: "Such advanced, smiling, sympathetic volunteers are in Kazan only”

In FINA Park the head of the city met volunteers who shared their impressions of the work.

05.08.2015 12:03

I. Metshin: "FINA Park is a reflection of all of Kazan"

The head of the city visited the cultural park of World Cup-2015, praised the work of the thematic areas and talked to the guests.

04.08.2015 16:51

Ilsur Metshin awarded the strongest athletes in the world of hi-dive

9 participants from 6 countries battled for the title of the best jumper in the world with a 20-meter tower.

04.08.2015 15:40

Ilsur Metshin: "Kazan gives Russia the cause for pride"

According to the Mayor, the first week of the FINA World Cup showed how huge is interest to the capital of Tatarstan.

03.08.2015 20:22

Ilsur Metshin awarded medals to winners of World Swimming Championships

Today in "Kazan Arena" the best swimmers were revealed and four sets of medals were played.

03.08.2015 10:37

I. Metshin handed awards at the meeting of XLIV session of Kazan City Duma

In the list of awardees are residents of Kazan, made a significant contribution to the development of Tatarstan and its capital.

03.08.2015 10:27

Olympic champion Valentina Nikonova became an honorary citizen of Kazan

The decision to award the title to the famous fencers was made at the XLIV session of Kazan City Duma.

03.08.2015 10:15

XLIV Kazan City Duma session began in Kazan City Hall

Deputies will consider 15 issues.

01.08.2015 19:01

Prizes in honor of the Sabantui and the Worlf Cup 2015 were played on Kazan racetrack

3 runs and 7 races with the total prize fund of 7.5 million rubles took place in frames of the holyday.

01.08.2015 14:55

National holiday Sabantuy is celebrated in Kazan

Acting President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov and Mayor of Kazan Ilsur Metshin visited  the square in the Birchwood.

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