I.Metshin: "More than half the world's population will see Kazan!"

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26.06.2015 19:43

(Kazan, KZN.RU, June 26, by Adelya Galieva) Mayor of Kazan Ilsur Metshin checked the readiness of "Tatneft Arena" to host the athletes and guests and met with performers at a rehearsal of the "Pilgrim" show, which will be featured in the Opening Ceremony of the 2015 FINA World Championships. The head of the city did not disclose details of the show, but assured that its concept will not leave anyone indifferent and will provide an opportunity for the multi-billion TV audience to admire Kazan.

According to the chief artistic director of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the 2015 World Cup  Alexei Sechenov, the show will unfold not only on the stage, but also in the air, under the dome of "Tatneft-Arena" and below the stage level. The show will feature ballet dancers, trapeze artists and synchronized swimmers. An important element in each performance will be interaction with water, the weight of the performers’ suits reaching 15 kilograms. The highlight of the scenery will be a cascade of multiple pools ranging in depth from 5 cm to 3 m. The deepest 150-cubic-meter swimming pool will feature the synchronized swimmers. The air space will belong to the circus artists, and the stage – to the ballet dancers.

The mayor of Kazan, together with the artistic director, had a look behind the scenes, where he saw the dancers rehearse and talked with the performers. "Today we’re facing a new challenge. We are the first in the history of our country to host a world championship in water sports. The great responsibility and the honor of representing our country lie on your shoulders. I'm sure you will acquit yourselves with flying colors!" the mayor addressed the artists wishing them success.

Ilsur Metshin emphasized that the primary audience of the upcoming World Championships will be city residents. "We remember how many wanted to see the Universiade Opening and Closing Ceremonies. Therefore, for the first time ever, the Opening Ceremony will be repeated for eight days specifically for the residents and guests of the republic," said the mayor of Kazan and urged locals to take advantage of the opportunity to see the world-class show. It should be added that the first show will be charitable - it will be staged for children from children's institutions of the republic.

In conclusion, I. Metshin again highlighted the role of the Opening Ceremony and the Championships, which will be broadcast live, for the promotion of Kazan on the world stage. "We expect more than 190 participating countries. This is a record number which has never happened before in FINA history. I get goose bumps from the realization that four billion viewers will watch us - more than half the world's population! This is a unique opportunity for Kazan to declare itself for the whole world," said the head of the city.

Source: www.kzn.ru

Video: I.Metshin: "More than half the world's population will see Kazan!"

Photo: A visit to the rehearsal of the opening ceremony of FINA championship 26/06/2015