I.Metshin: "Kazan will appear before FINA World Cup guests in all its glory"

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29.06.2015 20:57

(Kazan, KZN.RU, June 29, by Adelya Galieva) Mayor of Kazan Ilsur Metshin evaluated the readiness of the capital of Tatarstan for the World Aquatics Championships. The city head inspected city roads, interchanges, building facades, pedestrian crossings and landscaping along the routes of FINA client groups.

The mayor of Kazan toured the roads which will be most popular during the World Aquatic Cup. "The theater begins with the cloakroom, so the views of Kazan opening before the guests upon arrival must be equal to our city and the competitions," said I. Metshin.

Recall that Kazan will host the World Championships in Aquatics for the first time in the history of our country, Representatives of nearly 200 countries and more than 20 thousand visitors will gather in Kazan. Some four billion TV viewers worldwide are expected to watch the championships. Each viewer will be able to see the tourism potential of the capital of Tatarstan. "We will present to the world not only Kazan and Tatarstan but the whole of Russia. Therefore, our task is to appear in all our glory, to do everything possible to make our city even more attractive to tourists," said I. Metshin at the end of his inspection tour.

Source: www.kzn.ru