I.Metshin inspects the roadway near the Aquatics Palace

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02.07.2015 18:32

(Kazan KZN.RU, 2 July 2015, by Adelya Galieva). Mayor of Kazan Ilsur Metshin inspected the activities aimed at the improvement of the territory adjacent to the Aquatics Palace located in    S. Khakim Street and being one of the major arenas to hold the upcoming World Aquatics Championship. The city head instructed to improve this area during his recent inspection of the routes of FINA client groups and guests.

The improvement of the territory adjacent to S. Khakim Street was almost completed by the Mayor’s repeated visit: a green lawn and flower alleys were laid out, and the lamp posts located on the access road to the Aquatics Palace were decorated with two-level flower cache-pots. Moreover, flowerpots were installed along the houses, and 4 flower arches being 2 meters in height and 9 meters in width appeared in the intersection of S. Khakim Street and Nigmatullin Street. There are 9 cache-pots on each flower arch. According to Elvira Badygeeva, a head of the landscape design studio involved in the greening activities, over 2.5 thousand flowers were planted along the road in addition to those planted in flowerpots and cache-pots.

At the moment, activities to improve the roadway along the fence around the construction site are being carried out at the approach to the Venue. Fir trees will be planted here to continue the green roadway and hide the solid fence.

“Athletes and guests will leave, and our citizens will enjoy the landscaped city”, said the Mayor and instructed to put the remaining streets and venues in order before the World Aquatics Championship starts.

It should be noted that the upcoming Games are able to boost the development of the capital of Tatarstan including its tourist potential.  The World Aquatics Championship is to be broadcast by an unprecedented number of television companies whose total audience will amount to over 4 billion people i.e. over half a world population. At that, representatives of almost 200 countries, more than 20 thousand guests, are planning to visit the city. “Under these conditions, it is important to give the best showing to Kazan and prepare for welcoming the guests to the greatest possible extent”, noted the head of the capital of Tatarstan.

Source: www.kzn.ru