I. Metshin: "Let Kazan will always be the flowering city"

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17.07.2015 00:43

This year in the capital of Tatarstan more than 6 million flowers has been already planted.

 (KZN.RU, July 17, Ekaterina Andreeva). More than 6 million flowers has been already planted by the middle of this summer in the capital of Tatarstan, which is two times more than in the summer of 2013, when Kazan met XXVII World Student Games. The Mayor of Kazan Ilsur Metshin gave these figures being  a guest of the "Subject" on the channel "Efir".

The head of the city noted that the floral compositions will be an important part of Kazan hospitality. Ilsur Metshin stressed that those measures for improvement was attended not only by the responsible municipal services, but also by representatives of business, management companies, school children, students, and ordinary citizens. "I want to thank everyone, who was involved, "- said I. Metshin.

"In the end we planted 6.1 million flowers. And it's only the middle of summer. Let it grow, let it please us all, let this be a good tradition, let the city of Kazan will always be the flowering  city of children, young and old, surrounded by care ", - concluded the Mayor.


Source: www.kzn.ru