I. Metshin: "FINA Park is a reflection of all of Kazan"

05.08.2015 12:03

The head of the city visited the cultural park of World Cup-2015, praised the work of the thematic areas and talked to the guests.

(Kazan City KZN.RU, August 5, Adelia Galieva). Cultural FINA Park continues its work in the capital of Tatarstan in the stadium "Kazan Arena", more than 160 thousand people managed to visit it. Mayor of Kazan Ilsur Metshin joined to the large army of fans of the Park, praised the work of the thematic areas and talked to visitors and residents of the capital of Tatarstan. Head of the city was accompanied by the Deputy General Director of ANO "Executive Directorate of sports projects" Mikhail Zotov.

"Car" pavilion of FINA Park primarily attracted the Mayor - Ilsur Metshin started inspection of the park with it. Here he looked at the interactive area for children, where moving at scooters, children can at the same time learn the rules of the road. During a visit to the pavilion Mayor spoke with the guests of the park.

After that Ilsur Metshin examined national courtyards, where he got acquainted with the restaurant menu and studied an extensive range of souvenirs. In addition, the Mayor praised an entertainment accessible to all visitors: the residents and guests of the capital of Tatarstan can feel themselves real high divers and try to make a jump from the specified springboard, landing on an inflatable trampoline.

Mayor of Kazan asked what areas are the most popular among the visitors. According M.Zotov, areas with entertainment for children lead by its attendance. And on the each evening main stage performances of the St. Petersburg Dance Theatre "Temptation” have a crazy success and collect the target audience every day.

After touring the sites and communication with residents and guests of the capital of Tatarstan Mayor shared his impressions. "I liked it! And all about it: and primarily the mood of the people that is created by business representatives, organizers, our artists, volunteers and craftsmen. This is a reflection of our Kazan, Tatarstan, and the whole country! A relatively small area represents the mirror of our city! I'm very pleased; I sincerely thank everyone, because the mood of our people, the people of Kazan creates this! "- said the Mayor of the holiday atmosphere that prevails in the park. Finally, the Mayor joined to one of the actions of the park and left the wishes to Russian team.

Mikhail Zotov said that the park covers 5 hectares of land, of which more than 2 ha are under entertainment buildings. Among them are the courtyards  where craftsmen - potters, basket weaving masters, chasers coins tanners - demonstrate their skills and offer souvenirs  made with their hands. Here tasting dishes of national cuisine is also presented.

 A representative of the organizing committee also noted that only at the first half of the championship the number of visitors to the park has exceeded 160 thousand people, and a record was set over the weekend - on Sunday more than 23.5 thousand inhabitants and guests visited the park.

According to the organizers, this attention to the park is not accidental: in the thematic platforms everyone can find entertainment to his liking. 

Source: www.kzn.ru

Video: I. Metshin visited the FINA Park