I. Metshin: "Such advanced, smiling, sympathetic volunteers are in Kazan only”

05.08.2015 12:08

In FINA Park the head of the city met volunteers who shared their impressions of the work.

(Kazan City KZN.RU, August 5, Adelia Galieva). Hospitality is the main specialty of Kazan, which causes

the admiration of all the guests, and volunteers set the tone in creating a hospitable reception. This was stated by the Mayor of the capital of Tatarstan Ilsur Metshin, visiting the FINA Park he met with volunteers working at the site. The head of the city asked the terms and timetable of the guys, their impressions of the world championship on the water.

"We have been at plenty of championships and the Olympics, studying the best practices in holding such activities, but nowhere else we have seen such advanced, professional, smiling, sympathetic volunteers! You should know that you are the most-most great! "- said I. Metshin and thanked the guys for friendly attitude to all guests and residents of the city.

Most of the guys working at the site are the Kazan university students with whom I. Metshin already met on the eve of the championship in the Village of athletes to wish them success in the work.

The Mayor thanked the guys for work they have already done, noting that, judging by reviews of tourists and participants of the championship, all the volunteers justify the highest expectations. "You create mood for the championship, doing everything from soul, from your heart" - said Ilsur Metshin and asked whether the guys get tired at work, in what mood do they come to the site, and whether the work in the championship is different of the Universiade experience.

Volunteers assured that they did not have time to get tired, but the mood is getting better every day only because of reviews of satisfied park visitors. According to one of the most experienced volunteers, the work the Universiade and the world championship both was interesting, but holding of the FIFA World Cup has given a greater effect on the increase in the popularity of the city. "I think that the championship has become a symbolic event for our city, we went to the international level. Our Kazan is known everywhere! "- one of the volunteers said confidently. “Now it is for sure! TV audience of the championship is several of billions of people. This is a great advertisement of the city: look at any broadcast competition – Kazan is everywhere” - the Mayor agreed.

At the end, the Mayor pointed out that the World Cup is not only a great chance to tell the world about Kazan, but also a great opportunity for residents to visit interesting competition with the best athletes from more than 190 countries. "I attended all competitions. With all my business I try to enjoy this sports event: water polo, swimming, diving, synchronized swimming, "- said I. Metshin and encouraged Kazan residents to join the fans on sports stands.

In total, 2,500 persons became volunteer assistants of the organizing committee of the World Championships in Aquatics. Of those, 540 volunteers arrived from Serbia, Hungary, USA, Kazakhstan, Sweden, Great Britain and other countries, as well as from 20 regions of Russia: Udmurtia, Primorsky Krai, Moscow, Astrakhan region, St. Petersburg, Volgograd, Krasnoyarsky Krai. 25 thousand applicants from Russia and abroad fought for the right to work as volunteers in Kazan.


Source: www.kzn.ru

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